The Invisible Killers – Homelessness and Hunger

You don’t hear about the bodies found frozen on the sidewalk in the winter. Nor do you hear about the children that are found forever asleep in their sleeping bags in the homeless tent cities. Many dies from cold, many others die from hunger, and some simply die from lack of will to live. The problem is invisible, but it is also growing as record numbers of people become homeless and hungry. You can help fight the problem in some unexpectedly easy ways.

1. Food Party

Have a party and invite 20 friends. Have each of them bring food to share with each other, but also have them bring between 10 and 20 canned goods to donate. If you’ll speak your boss into it, the thought also can be used at work for an organization donation day. All of your coworkers might bring ten cans of food into work to give to a close-by shelter for girls and youngsters.  If you can talk your boss into it, the idea can also be used at work for a company donation day. All your coworkers could bring 10 cans of food into work to donate to a nearby shelter for women and children. Imagine how many kids all those cans of food would feed.

2. Grocery Gathering

If you know a local grocer, or if one of your friends is related to one, ask the grocer to put aside a box of fruits or vegetables the store would otherwise toss each night. Since it is common practice for food stores to throw blemished items away, why not collect them and use them to fight your community hunger? If you can find an outlet for the food that is focused on children, so much the better.

3. Donate Money

If your life is hectic and you battle for enough time to spend with your family, you can always make a monetary donation to a shelter. That is what EyalGutentag and his wife, Diane did. When they discovered there were 16 million hungry children in America, they fought back and made a donation. Skip a coffee or dinner out each week and donate the money to feed the children in your area.

You can make a difference in combating the invisible killers. Fight back against homelessness and hunger in these three ways. You won’t regret it.

When they discovered there have been sixteen million hungry kids in America, they fought back and created a donation. Skip a low or dinner out hebdomadally and gift the cash to feed the youngsters in your space.

You can build a distinction in combating the invisible killers. Fight back against condition and hunger in these 3 ways. You won’t regret it.

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