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Things You Need To Do – If Someone Living With You Has COVID-19

COVID-19 is causing a lot of problems throughout the world. In case, you suspect you or someone in your family is showing coronavirus symptoms, then you have to take a lot of care to control it without spreading to others.

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According to CDC, most of the coronavirus cases show mild to moderate symptoms, so these people can recover without any medical care, but if the patient has breathing difficulty or some other warning signs contact healthcare professional immediately. The main concern is, the virus can infect other people who are staying in the same house.

In this article, you can know few things that help you in minimizing the risk when staying at home is the only option.

Isolate the sick person

Select a room for the sick person with attached bathroom to isolate from household things, including pets and children. Open a window of the room so that air circulates. Also, provide tissues to the person.

If everyone shares a living space with the sick person there will be more chances of being exposed. So, just visit the room if there is any emergency and avoid spending time in the room.

Help in tracking symptoms

Ask the person to check temperature regularly throughout the day. Note down the temperature readings and observe if there is occurrence of any new symptoms.

Help to stay hydrate

Make sure whether they are taking plenty of liquids or not. Staying hydrated helps to reduce congestion and allows mucus coughed out of body.

Limit down physical interactions not emotional ones

Even though, you limit your interaction with sick person, but remember everyone require human contact, particularly when not well. So, text the person and contact through a video call to reach the person.

Whenever you visit the room, CDC suggests that the person who is sick has to wear a face mask, even in the room. Also, you have to hand wash after each visit to the sick person.

Keep them entertained and comfortable by maintaining distance

Provide them entertaining and comfortable things such as magazine, books, TV, laptop, phone, chargers, blankets, pillows, and others. Also, make sure that you provide a calm environment within the house so that the person can take rest.

Help the person with food

Prepare some healthy food for sick person, take a cookie sheet or tray to provide drinks and food and place them outside the closed door when the person requires. Whenever you visit the room, use a mask to cover your face.

Don’t allow anyone into your house including friends and neighbors as the disease can spread to them. Keep the laundry separate, use disinfectant wipes or spray to clean the things touched by the infected person.

In case, the infected person experiences severe symptoms like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, face or lips turning blue, and can’t wake up contact a health care professional immediately.

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