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What Are Feminine Hygiene Products?

Personal hygiene is a means to stay healthy and prevent diseases. Practices of cleanliness help in improving the overall health and also prevent various diseases and infections. It can involve grooming and making hygienic decisions every day. You must follow a daily routine to keep excellent personal hygiene.

How to maintain personal hygiene?

Wash hands regularly

By washing hands regularly at short intervals will offer the most basic hygiene. Hands come in contact with germs and bacteria. Dirty hands can spread diseases and result in cold, cough and other infections. Keeping your hands clean is essential.

Keep hair clean

Hair washing is important to maintain cleanliness but also adds to the overall beauty of a woman. Bad hair hygiene can lead to lice infestation. You should condition and shampoo your hair a couple of times a week.

Shower every day and take care of your lady parts

Taking a shower every day will keep your body clean and fresh. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but you must make an effort to regularly clean your intimate parts with water and mild feminine hygiene products.

feminine hygiene

What are feminine hygiene products?

The feminine hygiene products are the personal care products for feminine hygiene. These products are usually used during menstruation, vaginal discharge and other functions related to the vulva and vagina.

The products that women use during menstruation can also be termed as menstrual hygiene products. These products can consist of products like sanitary pads, napkins, sanitary towels, panty liners, menstrual cups, tampons, period panties, and tissue paper. Feminine hygiene products can also include products that are used to clean the vulva or vagina. These items may include douches, powders, creams, feminine wipes, and mild soap.

Feminine hygiene products can either be disposable or they can be reused. Sanitary napkins, tampons are disposable hygiene products. Menstrual cups, period panties, and sponges are some of the products that can be reused.

Why are feminine hygiene products important?

Intimate hygiene also known as feminine hygiene is extremely important if you want to maintain good feminine hygiene. Feminine hygiene helps in preventing skin irritation, odor, and various types of infections from occurring. This acid found in the feminine hygiene products maintain a healthy environment and avoids the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeast infections that can cause infections that sometimes could even be life-threatening.

More and more women these days are using feminine hygiene products to maintain good vagina health. These products are clinically tested and often are prescribed by physicians and doctors. These products are mild and do not cause any harmful side effects.

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