What does a sunny side baby indicate

It is a common scenario that pregnancy is accompanied by back pain. This is all the more so during the last phase of pregnancy. C section is common if the need arises for a sunny side up delivery baby. All of us would have heard of breech birth what does sunny side up baby mean. Let us understand more about in details.

In medical terminology sunny side up position is termed as occiput posterior or goes by the name of OP position. The head of the baby is turned down but this happen in the wrong way. The back portion of the head that is posterior is being pressed under the pubic bone. When the baby is in such a position it does make it difficult for a baby to extend their head out under the influence of a pubic bone. What does happen is that the labor becomes difficult and extends for a long time.

Facts about an OP position?

A lot of studies have been conducted with regards to OP position. It points to the fact on what it would indicate for a delivery and how you can go on to prevent it. Here is what studies have to point out

  • This position is more common in the starting phase of labor, and this could account for 30 % of pregnancies
  • It is assumed that most babies are going to return back to a normal position after delivery. Only 5 % of babies are known to have OP at a persistent level

what does sunny side up baby mean

  • If it is persistent labor it could lead to longer period of labor, assisted form of delivery may be called for or an emergency form of assistive delivery. Studies do point to the fact that nearly 25 % of babies who have persistent OP are delivered via C section
  • The chances of a persistent OP is likely to be all the more during your first pregnancy. In number this figure works out to be 7 %

What is to be done if your baby has OP?

Maternal posturing is a position which most pregnant mothers hold on to till the final stages of labor. It means a period of watchful waiting as far mothers who have babies with OP. The majority of the others though adopt a stance of wait and watch.

The better news is that even if you start the pregnancy if the baby sunny side up, the baby is likely to turn back to its normal position before delivery. If the correct form of posturing could work in favour the odds but till now no evidence has been found that it would be of any help.

You can ask your healthcare provider on what their experience has being in dealing with OP positioned babies. You can discuss with them the options for delivery if your baby is sunny side up. The earlier you find out it is going to happen the better you are prepared with regards to the delivery part.

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