What does research say about Dianabol

Dianabol is a brand name of anabolic steroid ‘Methandrostenolone’. The drug was originally manufactured by Ciba, a pharmaceutical company. Dianabol is one of the most versatile drugs and has reasons for its popularity. It is close to Deca Durabolin and then to Winstrol, and all of these help you to bulk your body. Many of these are stacked to give you better results.

Dianabol is the second oldest steroid that was produced and followed by testosterone. With an exception of the Methyltestosterone content, it is just a form of oral testosterone. The half life of oral Dbol or Dianabol is low and that means it works fast and gives you quick gains. This article gives you the comprehensive look at the Dianabol effects and helps you understand how the steroid works.

Dianabol Research

The very first steroid that was synthesized worked out in 1934, and then the era of steroids had begun. After a few years in 1938, it had started getting recognition. The development of Dianabol happened in the 50s, and then it became a veritable explosion to the world of synthetic anabolic steroids. Dianabol was developed during the mid-50s by an Olympic doctor who wanted to see his team do well in the sports.

At this time the Soviet Union was dominating the games and was troublesome for America to win. After proper research, it was found out that the winners or the Soviet athletes had taken intramuscular injections of testosterone to make a mark in their field. They were seen to take high doses of the drugs and that improved athletic prowess, especially in physical strength. After the discovery, the doctor and his team started making something similar to the injections that the athletes took and that led to the foundation of Dianabol.

Dianabol was the answer to the Soviet athletes who had used testosterone, and this drug was also a part of testosterone like most other steroids. The formula was sold by the pharmaceutical company Ciba and had got an FDA approval at that time. However, things have now changed and steroids are not legal in the USA anymore.

Benefits of Dianabol

As mentioned before, Dianabol is a chemically modified form of testosterone. The drug is a modification that is done for reducing the level of androgenicity of the drug and the side effects tend to be related to the anabolic steroids. They preserve and enhance their ability to build muscle mass. As the chemical modifications are made for reducing the androgenicity of Dianabol, it still does have some androgenic activities.

Dianabol now is an orally bioavailable and that means you can consume it like a pill. It survives after being metabolized by the liver. It is more common to consume the pills are injections will be too frequent and troublesome to take. The half-life of oral Dbol is pretty low and so you need to be careful with how you use it. The right dosage levels will let you stay safe and work out well.

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