What is the Instagram algorithm? How does it work? And how to beat it? Find out here.

There have been major changes that Instagram went through since 2017 after Facebook bought it completely especially with the Instagram algorithm which confuses a lot of users because they complained about their posts that are very hard to be seen in their feed.

Despite the widespread complaints, the regular chronological feed of Instagram has no plans of coming back sooner or later, and there is a whole new set of rules that you have to follow if you want to earn your much-deserved likes and followers.

In order for you to keep up with all these Instagram algorithm changes that were applied a few years ago and became very noticeable this year, you should continue reading this article to find out how does Instagram algorithm works for this year, and how you can trick it to get your posts seen by everyone.

compra likes instagram 2019

  • Spend more time posting stories instead of regular posts- One good way to connect with your followers is through your Instagram stories and it is very evident that people prefer to watch your stories instead of your regular posts based on a statistics last year where more than three-hundred million of daily active users posted stories that it almost surpassed Snapchat. Make sure though that your Instagram stories are worth the view by posting great quality content especially if you do not have any chances to comprar likes reales Instagram.
  • Keep your tabs on your Instagram comments- The brand new feature for your conversation is very convenient because it helps you in keeping all your Instagram comments which enables you to reply even from your computer aside from your phone, and even you can get a view of your conversation history with a user. You can also manage your Instagram comments by replying to the most relevant comment of your post which is usually the one that appears with your post on your feed. In order to get engagement, you have to provide it by replying to comments of your post because people feel appreciated when you reply to their comments and this also increases your post’s visibility.
  • Determine the time when your audience is most active- You should follow your country’s timeline in order for you to determine what time is your feed is the busiest so that it will be easier for your followers to like and comment on your posts knowing that they may be online during those specific hours of the day. Usually, people are online from afternoon to nine in the evening which is the busiest hours of social media platforms because this is the hours where people are online. Mornings and late nights are also the fewest people who are online.

·         Make sure your caption is as good as your posts- If you want to defeat the Instagram algorithm, you should create an impact with your posts by composing Instagram captions that will surely grab the attention of everyone. What is the purpose of a good photo if the caption is just too crappy? Make sure that your caption is worth the read and interesting so that people will make sure that every time you post something they will remember it easily.

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