What to Expect from Labradoodles?

A few months ago, a mother of twins named Yzza searched the internet to find a perfect pet dog for her kids. Her kids used to whine to her about getting a dog in the house. And since her twins’ birthday was a few weeks away, she decided to give them what they want. While browsing the internet, Yzza came across a website called which sells North Carolina Labradoodles and is based in North Carolina. She had heard this type of dog breed before from a friend back in college and she remembered how much her friend adores her dog. So, she thought this would be perfect for her twins.

On the birthday of the twins, Yzza, along with her twins, drove to the labradoodle breeders and got their own Labradoodle puppy. Since it was Yzza’s first time to take care of a Labradoodle, she has no idea what to expect from it. And now, after a few months of having a Labradoodle at the house, it is safe to say she now knows a thing or two about Labradoodles. So now, in order to help first-time Labradoodle owners, here is her view on what to expect from Labradoodles.

Their Disposition

These Labradoodles are known to be playful, lovable and intelligent. They are also gentle and friendly towards their companions. However, every owner should know that Labradoodles are not good guard dogs. They tend to become over friendly to other dogs and humans even if it was only their first time seeing them. They cannot tell the difference between a guest and an intruder. They will still act friendly and welcoming. Over friendliness is also not good for Labradoodles when interacting with less sociable dogs. These less sociable dogs will definitely interpret the Labradoodles’ friendliness as an aggressive attack towards them.

Their Movement

Labradoodles are active dogs and attention-seekers. They love to exercise like walking around. Since they came from Labrador Retrievers and Poodles, they too love to play in the water. Swimming can also be an exercise for them. However, if they were left alone for themselves without any activity for a long time, they get frustrated. They also tend to do things that may infuriate their owners to sustain their need to for activity.

Their Behavior

As mentioned earlier, Labradoodles love water. They would love to play in the rain and jump in the water or even mud puddles. This is fun for them but owners need to make sure that these dogs had better be clean before entering the house again. They love to chew on things whether they are bored or not. So it is best for owners to have chew toys around the house. Aside from that, Labradoodles love to jump around, whether on furniture or their owner’s lap and this behavior may not be acceptable to some owners. Another behavior of Labradoodles is they tend to dig. Owners who have lawns at their houses should expect to see holes everywhere in their lawns if they are not paying attention to their pooches. They can also start to chew or scratch on things if not given enough attention. They can be destructive to home furniture. So, always keep them entertained. This type of dog is not good for people who spend less time at home.

Despite all of these, Labradoodles are smart and sensitive towards their owner’s feelings.With proper care, nurturing and training, these Labradoodles can meet expectations of their owners just like Yzza.