When you’re knee deep in pain, get that checked out.

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that provides a cushion between your thighbone and shinbone. There are two menisci in each knee joint. They can be damaged or torn during activities that put pressure on or rotate the knee joint. Taking a hard tackle on the football field or a sudden pivot on the basketball court can result in a meniscus tear. But you don’t have to be active in sports in order for you to get a meniscus tear. Simply getting up too quickly from a squatting position can cause a meniscus tear.

It can be a big pain in the behind if you have this because you can’t walk properly and you’ll have to have that looked right away. If you have experienced a meniscus tear, you would have been asked if you want a meniscus rehabilitation in order to help you walk properly again. It is vital that you have this get looked at right away to prevent further damage done. And so you can walk around without the hassle of limping.

Why do I need a rehab?

Well for starters, you’re injured. You don’t want to further injure that knee now do you? You experience pain in your knee but you aren’t pretty sure if it is a meniscus tear or if you really need to go to rehab, a few symptoms to watch out for that can indicate a meniscus tear are you experience quite a bit of difficulty walking, much less running. You could also hear popping sounds coming from your knee from time to time, popping sounds coming from joints aren’t always a good sign. You might also experience swelling or a tightness of feeling in the knee, as if some paranormal entity of some sort is holding on to it for dear (lack of) life. There might also be instances where your knee will just buck and give way randomly and cause potential falls and probably embarrassment, depending on the situation. Lastly, you might also notice that there are times that you cannot straighten your knee and it just sort of locks in its place. If you experience any of these things, it might be high time to get that checked out and go to rehab since these are signs of injury in the meniscal area.

Treat that tear.

Treat as in get it medically treated, not like go out and have dinner with it or watch a movie or something. Those things might actually give you a hard time getting around with your injury and all. Kidding aside, once you have been diagnosed with having a meniscal tear, two options can be considered, the non-operative or the operative approach, it all comes down to the severity of the injury. If you’re lucky enough to have been diagnosed with a less severe case that doesn’t require scalpels and a team of doctors cutting open your knee, you might undergo a few rehabilitation methods such as gait (walking) re-training, you might also get to meet CAREN, no she isn’t a nurse, CAREN stands for Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment. If treated earlier, they might just give you RICE. Not the edible stuff. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Take note that this only works for the first 72 hours after the injury occurred.

If ever you are feeling a weird pain or if you know you had experienced a knee injury and the pain still stays after you have home treated it, it might just be your best bet to go see a doctor and have that knee of yours checked out. It might probably just save you from extended pain and making it injury worse than it already is.


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