Who is Banksy – How about the Prints

A UK based artist who made his sketches or paintings or artworks or whatever we call, on the wall visible to anyone in this world without any restrictions. He was born in the year 1974 and he stays anonymous. His work has gained lot of importance because it depicts life. His artforms are awesome and they became so popular within time. He is also a political activist and he also became a film director. He drew on the walls, on the streets and many places where public can view them and on bridges of the cities also. He was born in the hill area of Bristol and it is named as Barton. His inspiration was a graffiti artist, 3D. this person once who was a graffiti artist later in his life became a founding member. English musical group massive attack is one where 3D had become a founding member.

Where to get the prints

There are many websites you can browse about the Banksy artforms and one of those is the bluehorizonprints.com and this is Australian based website where you get many of the Banksy Prints about more than 150 in number and you can choose any one of them which can be available in frame form or the canvas form. All you need to do is to order them online by providing your details such as email and address. They give you satisfaction guarantee and if you find any damage in the artwork which you have ordered it can be replaced by contacting them. They offer the best and the premium quality of the artworks. And also if you like them through Facebook or twitter, a special discount is given at the time of checkout.

All the queries and doubts related to orders are sorted out by the team of the website and they have also mentioned their contact number in the webpage. The common artworks of Banksy are the Balloon girl, Rat canvas art prints, Banksy maid art prints etc.

Buy his artworks and prints

They have a fantastic, incredible and enormous range of artworks and prints of Banksy including many of his street works which are famous throughout the time. They(artworks) are available in the following way:

  • Stretched canvas prints
  • Framed Banksy canvas arts
  • Printed archival canvas
  • Printed archival paper

The art is made locally, and it is not an imported one from the country China. They are all made in Australia and the place they get them done is Noosa. You have a buy now option when you place your cursor on the sample artforms. Click it and you enter into a page where the detailed information such as the type of art and their dimensions are mentioned in the webpage. The description and also additional information regarding the art is given. After you get the delivery you can readily hang it on the wall.

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