Every heavy equipment operator/owner knows the cost of repairing and replacing any part or components of its machinery and also the loss of time and work the breakdown brings with it. This is why every operator/owner tries to avoid any need for replacement or repair and puts in efforts to keep their machines in working condition. Sometimes, the breakdown in machines may not occur due to any fault of the owner or the operator but at times due to lack of maintenance. Whatever be the reason, but these breakdowns are unavoidable, as all machines go through some wear and tear with time, and every owner/operator must have an introduction to heavy equipment repair, so whenever required you know how to handle any situation. So here are some basic reasons heavy equipment fail:


Every person has a belief that if you take a proper care of the items you own or buy, be it a daily use product or any personal automobile or even a heavy machinery, its life will extend to forever. But this presumption is wrong in any case and even dangerous. Every item has a life which is built on certain standards and won’t work without proper maintenance. And even though with high maintenance any machine or heavy equipment even though belonging to the highest regard will wear out and breakdown with time. This is a bitter but unavoidable fact.

introduction to heavy equipment repair


As per various industry research, tractors, excavators and other heavy equipment go through catastrophic breakdown due to contaminated fluid power, in 70-80% cases. Any heavy machinery can experience issues like fluid degradation, increased component wear and loss of fluid viscosity, when particulate matter with water seeps into hydraulic system. When water starts entering into the hydraulic systems, it gets free and thus causing heavier component wear and loss of system performance. This is why it is necessary to regularly inspect and swap hydraulic filters.


Amongst various false assumptions, owner of firms and company also assume that the operators they have hired, are experts and have full verse knowledge of the working of the heavy equipment. Though there is nothing wrong in trusting the operators or your employees but blind trust like these lead to a mistake that is reason behind 35 percent cases of breakdowns due to user errors. This is a huge blunder as such breakdowns are not even covered under the equipment warranty. So the solution to this issue is really simple. Make sure they have proper training of working with the equipment if not provide trainings to them before they start working with the heavy equipment that is purchased. Such trainings are available online and some retailers also provide a course which is proper classroom-based setup where they are trained and even certified to use certain machineries and some courses even include basic introduction to heavy equipment repair methods.

It is a fact that heavy equipment will go through wear and tear with time and will certainly reuire repairing and replacement. And some equipment will become obsolete with technological innovations and changing industry standards. With every replacement of worn out or old machinery and purchase of new ones, one must always keep in mind the necessity of maintenance and that though it may seem costly but maintenance is always cheaper than replacements and profitable that repairs.

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