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Why Keyhole Heart Surgery Offers A Safe & Quick Recovery

Keyhole or minimally invasive surgery is done by making a small incision in your heart instead of a large opening. This method is preferred by surgeons mainly because patients recover from it quickly with minimal discomfort. The surgery also bears a lesser infection risk. Keyhole methods are one of the fastest-growing cardiac surgery areas, as it has shown better results in multiple cases than conventional surgical techniques.

The minimally invasive surgeries, like keyhole surgery for mitral valve regurgitation, are safe when performed by experienced surgeons who are thorough with the technique. Shorter hospital stays, less bleeding, reduced wound infection, and minimal scars are some of the main benefits of this surgery method. The patients recover faster and can get back to their regular life smoothly when they have undergone this surgery. Another advantage of undergoing this method is that patients usually do not have to take thinning blood drugs for the rest of their lives.

Recovering from Keyhole surgery

After the procedure, the patient who has undergone keyhole surgery will be kept under the hospital’s observation for a few hours. Post monitoring, patients might go back to their home on the same day, depending on his/her condition and the surgery purpose. Few common post-surgery symptoms will include:

    • Mild or moderate pain in the incision area
    • Gas formation
  • Nausea due to anesthesia
  • Bloating due to gas

These symptoms are temporary, and you will recover from them within a few days. If problems magnify or persist, contact your cardiac surgeon without any delays.

Tiredness is also a common symptom because your body takes the extra energy to heal from the wounds. Take ample rest to get rid of this problem.

Keyhole surgery has reduced physical impact as the incision made is tiny, and so is the wound. It implies lesser blood loss and talking in cosmetic terms; the surgery will give you a small scar. Also, the discomfort and pain felt by the patient after the surgery will be less. The risk of complications is even less for this surgery. Another thing to note is that, for keyhole surgery, the recovery time is much shorter than that of traditional surgery. Depending on the reason you have undergone surgery, patients usually recover from the after-effects within five to seven days. If a major surgery was done to treat a condition, then the recovery period can be up to twelve weeks.


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